Fabulous Additions to Enhance Your Villa Experience

In response to our clients' overwhelming interest, Slow Travel Villas, Etc.* has gathered an exclusive listing of charming locals to show you the "real Italy" at home and on the road.

Nonna Maria

Thrill your taste buds as you're served a complete Tuscan Feast in your villa by Nonna Maria. We're lucky to have been able to gain her services, with her lifelong experience in the kitchen and her more recent successful chain of Tuscan Fast Foods franchises in the US. After consulting with you on your preferences and needs (vegetarians will be pleased that she is more than happy to stir up a fragrant vegetarian ragu, with pancetta standing in for meat) she'll head to the local shops. A sample menu includes:

  • Antipasto of bruschetta with fresh tomato, basil and oil
  • Primo of penne with a refreshing, simple sugo of fresh tomato, basil and oil
  • Secondo of local beef, braised in tomato, finished with a drizzle of oil and sprinkling of basil

Nonna Maria will instruct you in what to drink with your meal*, when to eat it, how much to eat, and in what order. An experience of a lifetime!

* If you ask for Diet Coke with your meal, Slow Travel Villas cannot be responsible for the consequences.

Guido the Driver

Why deal with the stress of driving in Italy while enjoying your vacation? Listen to what your cousin Joe told you, and leave the driving to someone else.

Guido will pick you up from the Florence airport, and whisk you away to your villa in Tuscany. You won't believe how quickly you'll arrive! Since your luggage will likely be delivered the next day, you'll be able to enjoy Guido's Italian sports car backseat in comfort.

Along the way, he'll regale you with entertaining stories of his experiences driving taxis in New York, Boston and Beirut before returning to his homeland to enjoy the simple life once again.

If you wish, Guido will be happy to drive you to his favorite shopping locations - hidden gems only known to him and owned by his vast number of cousins, who will be happy to make sure you get a great deal on your new Tuscan treasure.

Mario the Tour Guide

Experience the "real" Italy with tour guide, raconteur and proud mammone Mario. Doesn't matter where you want to go, or when you want to do it, Mario will custom design the perfect tour for all your needs. He'll show you the highlights of the little villages he was raised in, the big cities in which he spent his several attempts at attending university, the charming beach resorts he passed away summer evenings as a teen, the genuine hill towns where he hiked as a scout.

All of the shops, restaurants, trattorie, gastronomie, stores, caffes, bars and newstands he will bring you to on this fantastic tour are owned and/or operated by his friends and relatives, so you know they are the real thing, not some tourist trap!

It'll be like just like spending the day with an old and dear Italian friend: coffee, waiting while he chats on his cell, coffee, shopping, gossiping, coffee and hanging out!

Fabio the Escort

When you're traveling alone (or just fed up with spending every minute with your spouse), it's nice to spend an evening out (or in) with the fabulous Fabio. His English isn't too good, but really, who cares?


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