Slow Travel Services!!

We offered you package tours, we picked out the best vacation rentals for you, but that still isn't enough! You keep asking us questions: what car should I rent? what about my pets? what about my kids? how do I run a GTG? do I really have to read all those guidebooks? And we listened! Now we can help you with those questions.

Have a Look at our Slow Travel Services

  • Slow Travel Car Rental! We have the car for you! The perfect Slow Travel car - it doesn't go too far, and it doesn't go too fast. It makes your Slow Travel dreams come true. Read more
  • NoSlowChild: You love your children, you don't want to travel without them, but it is exhausting meeting their needs in a foreign country. Don't send them to summer camp while you go to Europe! Bring them with you and let us give them their own vacation while you relax nearby. Read more
  • Cat WalkingSlow Pets: What is the only sad thing about a trip? Leaving your pets at home! Well be sad no longer! We will bring your pets and treat them to an excellent European adventure! Read more
  • Slow Chicks: Hosting a SlowTrav GTG at that fabulous villa you rented in Italy? Can't imagine what 30 strangers will say to each other? Worry no more, hire the Slow Chicks to create the perfect GTG and to entertain everyone! Read more
  • Trip Planning: I know, it is a lot of work planning a trip. I know, you have a busy full life and don't want to spend your evenings reading guidebooks and making decisions. But you have to and I will show you how! Read more

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Slow Travel Services

"I ride my bike, I roller skate,
don't drive no car.
Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far.
For somebody who don't drive,
I've been all around the world.
Some people say I've done alright for a girl."
- "Brand New Key" by Melanie, 1972 -

I want Room Service!
I want the Club Sandwich.
I want the cold Mexican beer.
I want a $10,000 a night hooker.
I want my shirts laundered, like they do at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.
- From the movie "Johnny Mnemonic" book and screenplay by William Gibson -
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