Slow Chicks

Hosting a SlowTrav GTG at that fabulous villa you rented in Italy? Can't imagine what 30 strangers will say to each other? Worry no more, hire Palmabella and the Slow Chicks to entertain everyone!

Palmabella with:
Scandalous (Gail), Luscious (Teachick), Outrageous (Diana) and Wicked (Kathy)

When they are not singing, they will eat your food, drink your wine and make scintillating conversation with your guests. Yours will be the GTG that everyone talks about for years to come!!

Book them now before their album comes out in July 2007 - after that the world will know them and you will have to book them years in advance.

Cost: $10,000 per chick, plus airfare, accommodations for two weeks (since they are in Europe, they might as well have a nice vacation), expenses, boas.

Palmabella and The Slow Chicks

Why Must I be a Slow Traveler at Home?

Sung to the Dino and the Belmont's song "Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?". Live performance from the Palm Springs GTG, October 2006.

Lyrics by Palmabella

Each time I read Slow Trav, I plan another trip
Reading each message board, I need to get a grip
Each night I dream of Paris or Rome
Why must I be a Slow Traveler at home?

We share our recipes, we show our cats and dogs,
We write our trip reports, we read each others' blogs
Each night I plan, and sometimes I whine
Why can't I have more funds and vacation time?

We chat each week, post photos too
Without Slow Travel, oh my God, what would we do?
If we plan a GTG, people want to come and meet
We love to talk and play, of course we love to eat
Friends we have made will last through the years
So raise your glasses now, Slow Travel 3 cheers!

Share DVDs, movies and news
A day without Slow Trav would give us all the blues!
When we ask or give advice, others tell us what they think
If you need a place to rent, someone soon will post a link
Each night we read the latest, it's true

That's why we love to be Slow Travelers like you!
That's why we love to be Slow Travelers like you!
That's why we love to be Slow Travelers like you!


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