Slow Cheapo Travel Tips

Week 1 - Doru shares his secret family homemade remedy for that pesky cold we all sometimes come home with as a souvenir from airplane travel. You may wish to buy your grain alcohol in bulk, as he warns that the standard gallon jug will not be sufficient. The copious amounts of black pepper makes this elixir also a handy spray to ward off unwanted attention, ladies!

Week 2 - Knit along with Amy, as you knit your very own bed! find comfort anywhere, even at the airport waiting for your flight to be rescheduled! No more worries about what size bed to find in your apartment rental. Start with your size 45 needles and 2000 yards of silky rope at the beginning of your trip, and arrive at your destination with a foldable bed!

Week 3 - Kim shows us all how to stretch your travel dollars by seeing the world through volunteer opportunities. See lovely New Jersey and clean out her garage! Experience Manhattan as a local by walking David’s charming dog (pooper scooper included!) See Seattle as you clean Marta’s kitchen grout! Building Jonathan that dreamed-of new bathroom will expose you to a side of the Cotswolds few tourists ever see!

Week 4 - Kaydee leads us on a clever way to save on airfares, plotting the best walking routes between Europe’s capital cities and exotic lands beyond. The Real Slowtravel!

Week 5 - Join Jonathan and David as they teach us how to “busk’ our way across the world, singing for our supper at charming subway stations and bus depots. Jonathan offers us his “music on the run” instructions for crafting your own flute from a drain pipe.

Week 6 - Teaberry suggests: Forget expensive cumbersome luggage, with all those snazzy zippers, pockets, and compartments. Travel smart with PlastiClear Bags! Make your life cheaper AND easier – no more rummaging -- find what you’re looking for in a snap. Easy to stuff in the airplane overhead bunkers, carry over your shoulder, and throw away when you come home! Or re-use it on your next trip!

Week 7 - A Mystery Member writes in to suggest her secret SlowHo Cheap Travel Tip -- Find that Certain Someone on your flight over who can give you a whirlwind romantic tryst! No strings, no hotel bills!

Week 8 - Shannon and Colleen have graciously offered to share their recipes which can be cooked in a jail cell, offering the first “Europe Through the Bars” travel experience. Especially useful if Week 7 does not work out as planned. They have also developed some tasty treats from leftover airline meals.

Week 9 - Listen to Tourmama and avoid those checked luggage fees. How to dress: ignore the fashionistas. Keep it simple. Let’s face it: if you’re not going to wear it every day, DON’T PACK IT. Every piece of clothing should have two uses: shirts can be worn outside by day, then turned inside out at night for pajamas; don’t limit your pants to your keeping your legs covered – imaginatively twist those capris around your neck and you have an instant scarf. A well-stuffed fanny pack makes the perfect pillow. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize – camera straps adorned with flower stickers make a nice necklace.

Week 10 - Voracious reader Roz has found a way to save thousands on your trips, suggesting instead that dedicated travelers should forgo the “must sees” in favor of the “Can Sees.” From the comfort of your desk chair, your computer can bring you the majesty of Venice, the mystery of Japan, the highlights of the world. Stay at home, and use Google Street View to navigate your way to a virtual trip!

Week 11 - Marta’s travel tip is great for extended families! Always put more people in a room than the room calls for. That is why couches, sleeping bags, and lawn loungechairs were invented. No one will ever know except you and your checkbook.

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