Europe - Ten Days, Twelve Cities

Slow travel isn't for everyone. Some of us are very busy people who need to get this Europe thing out of the way quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

For people on the go Chris has designed our most efficient tour: Europe - Ten Days, Twelve Cities.*

We'll travel on a luxurious tour bus with blankets and pillows to maximize travel time and save all the hours normally wasted in hotels. We'll also have most of the meals aboard the bus, saving a lot more time. Best of all, we can see the sights in most cities without ever leaving the bus!

Note: Although our buses have both men's and women's "facilities," we do have to stop occasionally to stock up on food and fuel and drain the tanks.

Here's what you can expect to see. All photos were taken by participants of our earlier tours, and all show the exhilarating blur of motion that you get with a trip like this.


In London we'll see Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guard, that Ferris Wheel thing, Piccadilly Circus and the Tower of London. We will not waste your time with tourist attractions, like the Crown Jewels, that require a lot of time off the bus standing in line.
After a scenic drive north, we'll tour Glasgow. A quick drive through the old city and brief stop at Glasgow Cathedral will tell you all you need to know about Glasgow before moving on to...

Amsterdam, where we'll make a quick stop at the Heineken Brewery to replenish our supplies. This is a leg-stretch stop, where you'll all have an hour to see the sights of your choice. Then it's back on the road again, to ...

Brussels. There really isn't much to see in Brussels, but it's a place you really should be able to say you've been. We'll drive around a bit, then move on to ...

Munich, where we'll drive by some gardens and churches, and maybe stop for a beer.

On to Milan. There's another church in Milan, and we'll probably stop to look at the building that houses "The Last Supper," in case anyone ever asks if you've been there.
In the interest of efficiency, we'll have a "virtual" tour of Venice with slides and music while we're driving to Florence. Venice is a very inconvenient city for the tourist in a hurry, since they won't even let us bring the bus into the center. We've got pictures of St. Mark's Square and the Grand Canal so it will be better than the real thing.

Unlike Venice, Florence is very convenient for travelers with a couple of copies of that tall naked David out in the open so we can see them without leaving the bus. Our favorite is the one overlooking the city, so we can see the Arno River and the Duomo at the same time, and get back on the road.

Rome is another city that can be toured efficiently. We'll be following a route taught to us by a taxi driver who took us on a surprise (and quite expensive) tour of the city on the way to our hotel a few years ago. Along the way, we'll take in the Forum, the Coliseum, the Circus Maximus and St. Peters. You'll see everything you need to see to discuss your Roman holiday back at home.
From Rome, we'll be making a long night drive across southern France, where there's really nothing worthwhile to see, on our way to Barcelona. In Barcelona, we'll see some architecture and maybe stop at a tapas bar if there's time before moving on to ...
Madrid. The Palacio Royal is the main sight to see in Madrid, although we'll probably spot some other old castles and churches and stuff. Given our tight schedule, it will probably be dark while we're in Madrid, so it doesn't matter much anyway. From here, it's on to the big finale...
Paris! Paris has fine wide boulevards, so we'll be able to take a grand tour of all the sights and see the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee, Eiffel Tower (from a distance), and Notre Dame (from a distance).


A perfect finish for a perfect tour!


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* Depending on traffic and weather conditions, some cities may be skipped to meet the 10-day deadline.

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