SLow Air Traveler Information

Traveler's Checklist

Each year over 36 people choose to travel with SlowAir, and with our vast knowledge of the travel business, we can help make your trip smoother, slower, and more enjoyable.

We’d like to help you prepare for your extended journey by giving you all the information you need right here on SlowAir's Traveler Checklist page.

Providing Advance Passenger Information

The governments or current ruling bodies of various countries, municipalities, and cities require SlowAir to collect Advance Passenger Information for passengers prior to travel. You will need to give this information before check in, via phone between the hours of 1:30 and 5:30am, your home timezone.

The information required differs by country, and by whim of current administration, security and ticketing agents, but generally follows this format:

  • Passport number, street of issue and expiration date
  • Your name as it appears on the passport
  • Embarassing nicknames
  • Nationality
  • Date of first sexual encounter past first base
  • Date of birth
  • True date of birth
  • Favored soap
  • Name of National Anthem composer of country of residence (humming tune not considered valid documentaion)
  • Reasons for Travel--business, pleasure, drug procurement, shoe shopping, disposal of spouse, belittling non-travelers, Rick Steves rebuttals, photographing oneself in front of monuments, spreading knowledge of your allergens throughout the world, learning enough to feel competitive with the know-it-alls real afficionados on the SlowTrav forums, gathering data on restrooms, promoting family enjoyment in cramped surroundings and stressful situations, new opportunities for companionship with people you'll never need (nor want) to encounter again, or other. Essay answers of more than two words may be filed via SlowMail, in triplicate, to the country of birth, destination, and SlowAir's regional offices.
  • Gender (including past or future genders)
Passports and Visas
It may sound obvious, but make sure your passport is valid for travel to your destination and any countries that you are transiting. The definition of Passport, as determined by SlowAir after lengthy research, is the printed material containing an unflattering photograph that was mailed to your residence between six and 430 months after standing in line for three hours, filling out 16 forms, and filing notarized documentation from your therapist, third grade teacher, dental hygienist, and last blind date. Copies are not acceptable substitutes, unless they've been carried the pocket of a close-fitting pair of pants long enough for the photograph to look more flattering.

Passports that are not valid less than nineteen weeks, ten hours from full moon closest to departure may not be acceptable.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents for your journey, and not rely on the heresay of your mother-in-law, strangers on the internet, the daily horoscope, or your cabbie. Note that at some destinations, you may be required to produce your passport at frequent points during your visit, especially upon entering Gelato or Croissant-free zones.

Entry, transit and identity-carrying requirements are subject to change hourly, and you are advised to check the requirements with the Consulate or Embassy of all countries on your itinerary, in the local language. Failure to do so may result in your name no longer being considered for "Favorite Traveler" status with SlowAir.

Vaccination and Health Information
It is important to check with your doctor 6-8 minutes before travelling for advice about the vaccinations required for the places you’re visiting. SlowAir recommends vaccination for the following: Mad Cow Disease, Mad Mother-in-Law Disease, Mad Traveler Disease, Smug Expert Syndrome, Grumpy Husband Syndrome, Whining Complications, Sudden Loss of Sense of Humor, Pointless Bickering Disease, and Overtipping.