The All-Night Tour of Venice

Hate art, but like alcohol and want to experience the real Venice?  Join us for a tour without pesky visits to museums and other important sights.  This tour will take you to the best places in Venice – the bars (also drinking outside is common on this tour.)  Venice may not be the party that it was in the days of the republic, but it still beats partying in Podunk.  We will help you see the “real” Venice through bloodshot eyes.

On this tour plan to arrive into Venice by train or by the #5 bus at 5pm.  We do not like water taxis, as the €100 is better spent on libations, and we do encourage you to travel light as you will not be needing much (even pajamas are somewhat unnecessary on this tour.)  We will pick you up and immediately escort you to the nearest bar, which is in virtually spitting distance of the train station – in fact it is IN the train station.  The wine is not so great, but the prices are excellent (at any rate they are included in your fee, so what do you care.) 

From the train station, we will escort you to your hotel on the famous “Lista de Spagna” where you may drop your bags and rest for ten minutes.

By now it will be around 6pm and time to make our way through the confusing alleyways of Venice where, thankfully, there is a bar on almost every corner.  Our first stop will be a wine bar where they pour the wine out of great big bottles – I mean, they are big!  They really know us!  We will have a couple of glasses of wine here, and for the peckish, a small sampling of tuna sandwiches (called “tramezzini” in the local dialect) will be served.

Now it is time to do as the locals do and make our way through the city, stopping at many (at least 10, maybe 15, perhaps even more) of the local “bacari” (taverns) and have one glass of wine at each.  These glasses will be supplemented by some “cichetti” (little snacks, like a deep fried olive or a fake crab claw).  One snack and one glass of wine per bar is included in the cost – after that, you’re on your own!  Pace yourself though, it’s gonna be a long night!


Bring it on!

At around 8pm, we will go to a wonderful bar that has a little patio right against the Rialto Bridge.  We will have one overpriced drink here (again, included), and watch the sunset.  This is an excellent spot to take a 15 minute “disco nap” as you can sort of lean up against the bridge.  No one will know, especially if you have your sunglasses on.

From here on in, we will visit many more bars in all corners of the city, well into the early hours.  Other highlights include:

  • Prosecco served on a boat dock on the Grand Canal
  • Late night picnic of wine and sandwiches on the steps of the Salute church, with bad Top 40 songs played on a small boom box to give you the full Italian experience
  • Grand Canal crossing in a “traghetto” to test your balance and also, give you the experience of a gondola
  • Special showing of local crafts like masks and glass gondolas inside a real Venetian home, owned by English speaking expatriate friends, where you can purchase souvenirs to take home (don’t worry, they drink too)
  • Free potato chips and peanuts (honey roasted) provided by some bars, or you can usually purchase a cheese toasty
  • Bottle of wine in Piazza San Marco at midnight to hear the famed “Marangona” bell (Riedel stemware provided)
  • Disco dancing in surreal places, with the same Top 40 songs we listened to at the Salute church for the full Italian experience
  • For those still standing, prosecco at sunrise on the Riva degli Schiavoni.

Another satisfied customer


Young women (actually all women) may consider their own private gondolier.  On this excursion, usually at no charge, you can be taken through the dark canals of Venice on a gondola, all by yourself!  The only thing is, these excursions can take some hours and we might not see you again, so don’t forget your map and itinerary.

A refreshing martini at Harry’s bar (or for lightweights, a “Bellini” which has a lot of juice) can be added to the tour for an additional €75 PP.

Included in the tour price are most beverages, expatriate guides that speak English, a map, a detailed itinerary in case someone forgets you, and insurance 

The cost: €1000 PP.

Disclaimer: Insurance does not cover bail, expenses from falling into any canal, or falling in general. Tour operator not responsible for alcohol poisoning, pregnancy resulting from illicit hook-up with gondoliers (or anyone for that matter), overcharging at tourist traps, or embarrasing videos that later appear on You Tube (though for a small fee, in cash, we will have these videos removed).