Tour the Uffizi Museum in Florence

David and Maureen have come up with the perfect way to see the Uffizi in Florence.

We are exhausted both by answering the question "How much time do I have to spend in the Uffizi?" and by reading MB members responses, in which people seem to view it as a track & field event. There is really only one way to properly enjoy all the Uffizi has to offer: the Slow way!

Here is a taste of the Uffizi Slow Travel Tour:

Day 1: We will sit at an outdoor table in the Piazza Signoria. We will contemplate the facade of the building.

Day 2: Stand in line to buy tickets.

Day 3: Now we go into the Uffizi and see Room 5.

Day 4: Room 7.

Day 5: Bar in the Uffizi.

Day 6: Room 15 and the north wall of Room 21.

Day 7: Room 28

Day 8: The hallway between Room 18 and Room 19.

Day 9: The 3 remaining walls of Room 21.

Day 10: Room 35.

Day 11: Anything we may have missed on Day 4.

Day 12: The works of Rachel Ruysh.

Day 13: Room 12.

*All days start at 08:45. If we're lucky we'll have a few days that the museum is open late, until 20.00!

There are 505 works of art displayed in the Uffizi, so you can tell this is only a brief sample of the entire tour.


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