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Praise for our Slow Travel Tours

"Slow Travel Tours are the best" says Maureen M. from Boston

"I have never stayed in a villa like this one!" emails an anonymous renter

"This was the best vacation of my life - possibly of anyone's life" writes Marta R. from Seattle

"Pencil me in for next April" writes one of our happy 2005 clients

"Fast is for losers" comments Colleen C. from California

"Who?" says author and travel expert Rick Steves

"Slow Travel Tours, what a great name!" says George Clooney of Nebraska

"I would never travel any other way" says Marian from NJ

Praise for our Slow Travel Villas

"This website is very well designed!" writes Steve Cohen of NM

"These vacation rental listings are magnificent!" emails Chris C. from Sacramento CA

"I only wish I could spent 54 weeks a year in your villas, instead of just 1" says Doru from Canada

"Slow Travel Villas rock!" comments Shannon from CA

"Your England vacation rental was better than a 5 star hotel in Paris!" writes Kauline Penny of NM

"Switzerland just isn't Switzerland unless you stay in the Swiss Chalet" sing the Norfolk Hikers

Praise for our Slow Travel Services (new!!)

"My child hasn't been the same since his return from the NoSlowChild tour!" writes Brad Zitt, Hollywood

"My grandpa hasn't been the same since he returned from his ElderGeezr tour!" exclaims Leslie from Australia

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