Slow Travel Villas, etc.*!!

In our continued effort to monopolize the world of vacation rentals and just do things our (read: The Right) way, Slow Travel proudly announces our latest initiative: Slow Travel Villas, Mansions, Chateaux, Manors, Castles, Cottages, Apartments.

We are now able to provide you, SlowTrav members, with easy one-stop rental of luxury villas, mansions and castles in, or quite close to, all of the most requested vacation spots in the world. Many of these villas, castles and mansions are owned by the SlowTrav moderators, or a close friend/relative, or a holding association/tax friendly off-shore conglomerate composed of moderators and their relations. This insures the consistently high quality that you, the SlowTrav member, has come to associate with the vacation rental guidance and expert advice typically freely dispensed by SlowTrav mods.

We will be able to pass on more than our expert opinions - now we can steer you to the perfect villa, mansion, chateau, manor house and/or castle at a savings, because we own it!

Have a Look at our Vacation Rentals

  • Apartment in Rome: How many times has Amy been to Rome? We have all lost count! But we know that she knows Rome like the back of her hand. Amy has picked out a delightful apartment in Rome - your home in Rome, live like the Romans do, all roads lead to Rome! Read more
  • Themed Cotswold Cottage: You know how much Pauline and Steve love England! Stay in their "Cotswolds Themed Cottage" and help finance their "year in England"! Villa American Style™ Read more
  • Swiss Chalet: Who can afford a chalet in Switzerland? Not us, that's for sure! But we did make a new "Swiss friend" who has this lovely chalet that we are proud to offer you. Read more
  • Amsterdam Canal House: Don't worry – Be Happy! in Marta's centrally located bright apartment right on a canal! Read more
  • Italy No-Agro-Turismo: Have a Tuscan countryside experience with all the American-style mod cons you are used to! Leave home without really leaving home. Villa American Style™ Read more
  • Apartment in Florence: This one belongs to a good friend. We have all stayed here and have declared "this is the perfect Florence apartment". Now we are telling you about it. Villa American Style™ Read more
  • Extras!!: Together with our "friends in Italy" we have put together all the extras you could want. An Italian "nonna" to cook for you, a driver to navigate the country roads and a tour guide show you all the secret places you would never find on your own. Read more

* Slow Travel Villas, Mansions, Chateaux, Manors, Castles, Cottages, Apartments

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Slow Travel Villas

"It is better to travel well than to arrive"
- Buddha 563 BC - 483 BC -

Villa American Style™ or Country Style

Several of the Slow Travel Villas, etc.* have been, or are in the process of being, totally renovated to be absolutely American - Villa American Style™. No more endless attempts at figuring out how the showers work, or waiting for a washing machine to complete a six hour cycle! It is truly the best of all worlds: a quaint neighborhood location and a 2 car garage! A local bistro and central air conditioning! Charming fruit and vegetable vendors and a monster gas grill! Window screens! Clothes dryers! Measuring utensils in cups and spoons, not kilos and liters! These will surely appeal to the more sophisticated Slow Traveler.

Other Slow Travel Villas, etc.* have been left in a more natural, rustic, "native" state, perfect for the discriminating Slow Traveler who dreams of telling the less adventurous back home that they have truly experienced life as a local.

"This website is very well designed!" writes Steve Cohen of NM

"These vacation rental listings are magnificent!" emails Chris C. from Sacramento CA

"I only wish I could spent 54 weeks a year in your villas, instead of just 1" says Doru from Canada

"Slow Travel Villas rock!" comments Shannon from CA

"Your England vacation rental was better than a 5 star hotel in Paris!" writes Kauline Penny of NM

"Switzerland just isn't Switzerland unless you stay in the Swiss Chalet" sing the Norfolk Hikers