Slow Pets

Marta and Colleen put together this program so that your pet can have a European vacation too!

  • Do you struggle with what to do with your pet when you travel?
  • Is your local kennel cold and impersonal?
  • Are you afraid to trust a stranger with the keys to your house to care for your beloved kitty?
  • Does the sad look in your dog's eyes when they see you packing make you want to cancel your trip?

We have the answer. Book your rental at Slow Travel Villas and bring your pet along with our Slow Pets service.

Slow Pets will provide a passport for your pet, with all the information necessary to bring your pet into the country, along with our own custom pet carrier. We will arrange the flight, get your pet on the flight and meet them at the destination. Our private car will whisk your pet to your villa.

Cat waving

Your villa will be equipped with lovely portable food and water bowls, which will be filled with the best local pet food. For cats, we provide a portable litter tray and a lovely olive wood scratching post. For dogs, we provide an authentic imitation fire hydrant.

Your pet will happily wave good-bye to you each morning, because while you are out touring and sightseeing, Slow Pets will make certain your pet is also enjoying their European vacation.

Your Pet Will Enjoy Their European Vacation Too!!

Cat in Pisa

Are you frustrated because King won't come when you call him in Italian? Slow Pets has the answer – Italian Obedience School. While you are out touring, he will be attending school. No more frustration when you yell "Vieni qui!"

Does your pet need grooming? Slow Pets will take him for his European hair cut. Won't they be the talk of the neighborhood when they return with a true French cut?

Going out to dinner? Don't worry about committing a social faux-pas when you ask for a doggy bag? Slow Pets will provide a doggy bag for you to bring home. Your pet/pets will jump for joy at a Florentine steak bone!

And of course, you will want some photos of your pets visiting the local sites. Slow Pets will bring them along and help you take photos of them. Just think – your pet at the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

What Happens on Slow Pets, Stays on Slow Pets

There will some fun things that you won't want to hear about. Meals in fancy restaurants, bar-night, the occasional romp in a mud puddle. Don't worry, this will be between your pet and the people at Slow Pets.

No embarrassing photos, like the ones below, will appear on websites. "What happens on Slow Pets, stays on Slow Pets". We "guarantee" it.

Cats at Fiesta

Razzle and Dazzle loved our "Mexican Fiesta" on a recent tour!!
Maybe they had too much catnip, but we will never tell!

Dog eating cookie

Mr. Ruff had to have that cookie on a recent tour - but we did not tell his owner!
His cookie eating secret was safe with us!

Flying Dog

Lots of good excerise, but we won't tell if you decide to do a flying jump! Being in Europe does that to dogs!!


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